Analysis and review of the efficient use of the materials of the university of medellín

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It is sought to take as a basis the first analysis carried out on the factors that affect the behavior of the students of the faculties of communication and design of the university of medellín, at the time of making use of the materials in the different deliveries or works corresponding to the subjects of the academic pensum, and its possibility of reusing them. this analysis showed, under a data collection, which materials are the most used in both faculties and which programs of these faculties, make greater use of them


Identify and analyze the use of the materials used by the students of the university of medellín, belonging to the school of communication and design in their different academic deliveries

Expected results

Model of efficient use of materials. bank of materials and / or application (app). national presentation with the progress of the project
Effective start/end date1/08/1930/08/20


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