Aplicación de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (tic) para la negociación internacional en las empresas de colombia.

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The functioning of productive organizations is increasingly subject to the proper use of all its resources in general; this is evident; however, it is necessary to highlight, as the synergies between human resources, tangible and particularly intangibles take a course where the latter take on more and more importance within companies, not only because they allow products to be diversified taking into account the constant relationship between price and quality, which ends up directly influencing competitiveness in competitiveness; but because within this class of intangible resources, information and communication technologies (ict) also increasingly tend to impact the competitiveness of companies since all these tools can facilitate the supply and marketing processes, which it ends up determining new patterns in the international buying and selling process within the negotiation.


Analizar el nivel de uso y apropiación de las tic en las organizaciones productivas en colombia para llevar a cabo procesos de compraventa internacional
Effective start/end date1/08/131/08/14


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