University autonomy and self-regulation case university of medellín

  • Correa Restrepo, Cruz Elvira (PI)

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The third institutional accreditation of the university of medellín demands a study that determines the validity and relevance of the quality management model, implemented in the institution for the consolidation of an internal system of quality assurance in education as support of self-regulation, the ultimate goal of self-evaluation. the above, because the national government calls on institutions to reflect on their self-assessment methodologies and the lack of their own systems that consolidate the quality of higher education, that transcend the norms and regulations and seek the consolidation of a culture of self-evaluation and self-regulation. the research project self-regulation and the internal system of quality assurance in education -siace- case of the university of medellín starts from the hypothesis that the university, given the trajectory of 20 years along the paths of accreditation, counts in a way implicit with an internal system as a support for institutional self-regulation


Resignify the quality management model of the university of medellín in order to consolidate the internal system for the quality assurance of education - siace- supports institutional self-regulation

Expected results

Review article in a specialized magazine, short article in a specialized magazine, internal quality assurance system internal quality quality assurance system - siace- socialization in the university's internal event, socialization of the results of the investigation
Effective start/end date3/08/1830/09/19


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