Characterization of construction and demolition waste (rcd) for its potential use as construction materials

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Construction waste originates from various sources throughout the process of carrying out a project (shen et al., 2004), and the reduction and valorization of this waste could boost profitability as well as reduce environmental impacts and of a construction process (mcgrath, 2001). although most of the research on waste management has reported that there are many benefits associated with the minimization of these (environmental, social responsibility, public image, among others) (begum et al., 2006a), and many others investigations conclude on the benefit-cost ratio of waste management, these have not been clear in revealing which waste management actions have been studied or only concentrate on analyzing the actions related to the handling of waste.and, at present, the way on how to manage a construction project in such a way that waste can be avoided, reduced, reused and recycled has not been determined.


Characterize and value rcds, in order to identify their potential use as raw materials in the generation of new products that can be incorporated into the productive chain of the construction sector.

Expected results

The waste of a particular company will be used and its reuse will be evaluated inside the works of the company. there is great potential to apply the results of this project in the design and manufacture of new products. additionally, the methodology developed can be extended to other waste generated by the productive sector.
Effective start/end date26/01/1630/01/17


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