Classification and influence of social and human factors on the productivity of software development teams for it smes

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The process of developing a software product is characterized by being a social activity governed by human-centered tasks, where social and human factors (fsh) play an important role. therefore, it is a process that requires teamwork skills, collaborative work, high levels of motivation, among others. however, it is common for difficulties to arise that affect the performance of work teams and their impact on the success of software development projects.


Classify social and human factors influencing the productivity of software development in order to propose associated improvement strategies.

Expected results

1 article in isi / scopus magazine submitted. 1 results of the validation of the classification of the work document that can be published. udem phd student - univalle. udem master in software engineering. memories or lecture, work in international event submitted
Effective start/end date22/08/1914/09/21


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