Interpretive conflicts between the high courts in colombia

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In the states where a multiplicity of high courts were adopted in charge of dictating definitive decisions in each of the different jurisdictional orders, a multiplicity of conflicts are presented. the fact that the same norms must be interpreted and applied in a final and definitive manner by several of these high jurisdictions, sometimes produces divergences of interpretation that lead to the same normative text being understood and applied differently in the different jurisdictional orders.


"identify what are the factors that generate conflicts of interpretation between the high colombian jurisdictions, to show how they can be neutralized or corrected."

Expected results

With the recognition of the colombian constitutional court as "one of the most powerful courts in the world" (landau d., 2010, 339), the conclusions reached on ft-iv-inc-35 5/35 the capacity that can have this jurisdiction to impose their interpretations on the other high colombian jurisdictions, can serve as an example to other states that have not yet consolidated the competences of their constitutional courts.
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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