From the bullet, the chalk and the pigeon to the alternative networks to the school. a look from pedagogical and historical anthropology to the notions of: project of life, peace and coexistence in secondary education in medellin.

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What happens in school is not only a consequence of internal matters to it, because there are a number of external factors that determine the ways of life, the relationship with knowledge and with power, state intentions and other agents that intend to make the school a platform to achieve its purposes. in this sense, the idea of ??what has been conceived in recent years as an educational quality in secondary education has been affected by a series of factors. the meaning of this project lies precisely in analyzing one of many possible aspects currently to address this issue. it deals with the networks of illegality in the school, approached from the pedagogical and historical anthropology through the notions project of life, peace and educational quality in the secondary education in medellín.


Problematizing alternative networks to the school from the pedagogical and historical anthropology through the notions: project of life, peace and coexistence in the ninth grade of educational institutions la salle envigado, la salle bello, san carlos school, san josé school and ei santo domingo of middle education in medellín

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Article isi wos or scopus, accepted. advance phd thesis. implementation of coexistence manuals in the different educational institutions where field work is planned. the educational communities of the 4 educational centers where the field work will be carried out.
Short titleDe la Bala, La Tiza y La Paloma
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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