Discoloration of water with textile dyes through a combination of adsorption and uv/h2o2 technology with a mercury and excimer uv lamp

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The textile industry is one of the most important sectors of the world economy but at the same time one of the sectors that consumes the largest amount of water in its manufacturing processes, generating high volumes of wastewater discharge with variable composition and flow. This causes an environmental problem due to the depletion of water resources and its contamination in different parts of the world. These waters usually have a color caused by various textile dyes, which cause problems for photosynthetic activity in water and can also be toxic. dyes are contaminants considered recalcitrant and difficult to remove using conventional treatments. for this it is necessary to develop new techniques, improve some of them or combine existing techniques. Therefore, this research proposal proposes to investigate the discoloration of water with textile dyes through a combination of adsorption and degradation of dyes by UV/H2O2 using an excimer lamp to replace conventional mercury lamp technology. Excimer lamps do not contain mercury inside, the use of which will be prohibited in 2023 in Colombia according to the national mercury plan, signed in 2014 by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainability Development, as a result of Law 1658 of 2013.
de 2013.


To determine the decolorization efficiency of textile dyes in the uv/h2o2 process combined with adsorbent materials using mercury and excimer krcl lamps.

Expected results

Isi wos or scopus article, accepted. lead an undergraduate degree project. participation in research congress. a laboratory-scale system for water treatment, should the project be successful. In this case, the difference is that the excimer lamp does not have mercury, and low-pressure mercury lamps are normally used in the uv/h2o2 process, which cannot be used after 2023 according to the national mercury plan.
Short titleDecoloración de aguas
AcronymDecoloración de aguas
Effective start/end date5/07/163/10/18


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