Electronic flow densities in h2 disturbed with circularly polarized light

  • Pérez Torres, Jhon Fredy (PI)

Project Details


In this project we want to study the electronic dynamics of the h2 molecule when it is exposed to laser pulses of circularly polarized light. we intend to use electronic flux density as a descriptor of electronic dynamics. the electronic flux density has been used in the study of ultra-fast electronic dynamics in different physical situations, for example in the polarization of the h2 bond by femtosecond laser pulse, and in the determination of the electronic flux induced by the nuclear movement in the h2 + molecular ion vibration


Study the electronic flux density of h2 when disturbed by circularly polarized light pulse.

Expected results

Scientific article. this research marks an advance in previous knowledge. the results are totally new and complement the already existing ones. we do not know the comparisons that can be made between the new results and the existing ones
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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