Development of teaching competences for the teaching of research methodology and the training of evaluators of graduate and doctoral theses in postgraduate courses in administration. a comparative study between colombia and brazil

  • Toro Jaramillo, Ivan Darío (PI)

Project Details


The problem of this research revolves around the current situation of postgraduate programs in colombia, which have become producers of scientific articles, events and conferences, among others, mainly motivated by


Analyze from a critical perspective the development of the competences of the teacher for the teaching of the methodology of the investigation, and the formation of evaluators of works of degree and of doctoral theses in postgraduate courses of administration, through the realization of comparative studies between brazil and colombia .

Expected results

Impact on the academic community and the direction of postgraduate programs in the development of teaching competences, specifically in the area of ??research methodologies, also in the definition of teacher concepts and roles
Short titleCAPES II
Effective start/end date18/03/1418/03/16


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