Development of a numerical model to evaluate the behavior of beams in post-tensioned masonry

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New construction techniques, such as post-tensioning and prefabrication, provide an efficient development of the construction industry, improving optimization levels in aspects such as labor costs, unforeseen costs and construction time. this research project has focused on developing a numerical model to evaluate the bending behavior of post-tensioned masonry beams.based on this model, parametric and sensitivity analyzes will be carried out to optimize the behavior of the beams. the parameters to be evaluated are the compressive strength of the masonry, the initial level of tensioning of the bar and the eccentricity of the post-tensioning element.


Develop a numerical model by computational simulation, which allows to adequately represent the bending behavior of beams in post-tensioned masonry with eccentric bars, without grouting and with non-adhered elements, in such a way that it serves as a future tool for the study of behavior structural of this type of structural system and the design of structural elements subjected to bending stresses.

Expected results

The expected product within this research project does not compete with other existing technological developments, it is an input to increase the knowledge of the mechanical performance of technological developments in post-tensioned masonry at the university of medellín developed to date and for the generation of new technological advances . to date, the numerical models have focused on the modeling of post-tensioned masonry with groutind filler and adhered cables. the proposed development focuses on numerical models of post-tensioned masonry without filling and with non-adhered cables, of which there is little information in the existing literature.
Effective start/end date11/07/1630/01/18


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