Development of an enabling system for demand and offer of post-doctoral internships coherently linked to the institutionality of the university of medellín.

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The innovation of knowledge creation scenarios, when you have a background in doctoral training, includes support for the mobility of doctors to carry out postdoctoral internships, and the offering of opportunities for doctors to reach the research projects in progress to carry them out. this new level of development demands to rethink the academic processes so that there is coherence with the institutional environment. consequently, the research proposed here aims to develop an enabling system for the demand and offer of post-doctoral internships that is coherently linked to the institutions of the university of medellín. the development will be made from the methodology of educational administration for the benefit of the quality of the mission processes, the audiences of the university, and the institution itself.


Develop an enabling system for demand and offer of post-doctoral internships coherently linked to the institutionality of the university of medellín.

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Article isi wos or scopus, accepted ¨ * a common complaint in the experiences of postdoctoral internships is their lack of connection with the institutional system of generation, diffusion-appropriation of knowledge, by which they are experienced as islands or loose wheels what prevents the achievement of long-term relationships such as the formation of networks or interdisciplinary processes. this proposal develops a new level with institutional coherence to resolve the insularity of such experiences and make the level a systemic component of organizational development. in colombia colciencias is promoting postdoctoral internships as a means to bring research closer to industry, the state,and society via linking professionals with a doctoral level who support innovation processes that make these organizations more competitive. also, as a trial period for the linking of doctors to heis. in addition, as a scenario of internationalization of research and technology transfer. internships demanded by teachers linked to doctorate (exit): the beneficiaries are teachers linked to the university with a full-time contract (?) and a doctorate degree. internships offered to doctors external to the university or faculty:visiting doctors research projects lines of research to which the host research project is linked research group to which the host project is linked tutor professor of the visiting doctor host doctoral program and to which the host research project faculty is linked ) to the one (s) that are linked to the doctoral program, the research project, and the host tutor.
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/07/18


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