Development of a methodology to determine the dosage of earth-cement-rcd mixtures for non-structural applications

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"construction is one of the productive sectors with the largest generation of solid waste worldwide." the increasing amount of this waste has caused a rapid depletion of the spaces available for dumping as well as potential negative environmental impacts (lu, poon, & wong, 2006) .the construction industry is responsible for the highest volumetric percentage of total waste in both developed and developing nations. "


"develop a methodology aimed at the manufacture of non-structural elements for construction and simple geotechnical and hydraulic structures from the use of excavation waste and demolition and construction waste, considering the characteristics of the waste and the optimum soil compaction humidity ( proctor) as a design criterion. "

Expected results

"as explained in the previous section, the project resolves several problems identified by the authors in the market related to the construction sector, which are listed below: ? strengthen a zero waste strategy that can be implemented at the local level"
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/01/19


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