Development of the National Seismic Risk Model – MNRS

Project Details


The ACOFI-Colombian Geological Service (SGC) project of the National Model of Seismic Risk (MNRS), has three specific objectives: 1) Carry out a diagnosis and description of needs regarding seismic risk modeling in Colombia, 2) Build a National Model of Exposure of Buildings and 3) Generate a national database of fragility functions and seismic vulnerability of buildings. Considering the information that has been provided by ACOFI and based on the meetings that have been held prior to this communication between the professor Ricardo León Bonett Díaz and the respective coordinators and leaders of the project, the participation of the University of Medellín will be concentrated in three phases: 1) Development of the baseline, methodological and in the selection and formation of the working groups for the development of the fragility and vulnerability model and 2) participate together with the Universidad del Norte and the Universidad de los Andes in the coordination ination of the subproject for the generation of fragility and vulnerability curves and 3) Development of fragility and vulnerability curves of the typology of Colombian reinforced concrete industrialized walls.


Combine technical, administrative, logistical, human and financial efforts between the COLOMBIAN ASSOCIATION OF FACULADES OF ENGINEERING and the UNIVERSITY OF MEDELLÍN, aimed at the academic direction and technical support of the development project of a National Model of Seismic Risk of Colombia (MNRS)

Expected results

Baseline and methodological document. Training curriculum for modeling groups. Fragility and vulnerability curves of the structural typology of Industrialized Reinforced Concrete Walls.
AcronymModelo Riesgo Sísmico – MNRS-ACOFI
Effective start/end date1/09/211/03/23


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