Determination of aquatic weeds in the future porce ii reservoir and the associated macroinvertebrates - monitoring of macrophytes

Project Details


To carry out a recognition of the diversity of aquatic macrophytes and the fauna of macroinvertebrates associated with them, which inhabit the different biotopes present in the main aquatic ecosystems of the porce ii hydroelectric project


Establish the biodiversity and structure of macrophyte and macroinvertebrate communities associated with them in the main aquatic ecosystems of the area of ??influence of the porce ii project.

Expected results

Define the biological richness of the main aquatic ecosystems of the region based on the macrophytes and macroinvertebrates within the concept of biodiversity.
Short titleMonitoreo de macrofitas
AcronymMonitoreo de macrofitas
Effective start/end date18/01/991/08/01


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