Design of indicators of the value-generating processes of the substantive functions: teaching and research, in udem

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Saravia (2010) presents a methodology that integrates process management, intellectual capital management, knowledge management in a model based on quality and intangible assets that generate competitive advantages in the organization [1]. in the same line gonzález (2015) indicates that the process analysis is an alternative to recognize and measure intangibles, in such a way that it is possible to reduce the biases in the identification of said assets and facilitate the dynamics of continuous improvement within the organization. [two]. considering that the quality management model of the university of medellín is based on the management of macroprocesses,processes and activities becomes relevant for the institution to develop a management model that allows integrating quality management and intangible resources within the framework of institutional processes and regional, national and international trends that are reflected in the rankings of education institutions higher.


Design indicators in the processes associated with the substantive functions of udem: teaching and research, based on the macroprocesses and activities of the institution and the rankings of national and international universities.

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Article isi wos or scopus. research assistant - undergraduate student. it is a group of indicators associated with the standards established in the national and international university rankings and linked to the main intellectual capital blocks.
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/07/18


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