Design, development and performance evaluation of a portable flat plate solar micro-collector with integration of transparent insulation materials

  • Villegas Moncada, Sebastian (PI)
  • González Palacio, Mauricio (CoI)
  • Osorio Ramírez, Julián David (CoI)

Project Details


In colombia, approximately 70% of electric power is produced from hydraulic energy. the remaining 30% is composed mostly of thermal power plants that use natural gas or coal, which are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the interconnected system and absorbing peak demand. unlike hydraulic generation, the operation of thermal power plants is not affected during periods of drought, however they use fossil fuels emitting gases such as co2 into the environment, these being the main cause of global warming (greenhouse effect) [ one]. in addition to the hydraulic potential and fossil energy resources in the country, there is a huge potential in renewable energy resources, including solar radiation, wind and biomass, which can be used to increase the country's energy capacity and meet the growing energy demand in a clean and friendly way with the environment. in colombia, less than 1% of the country's electricity is generated from renewable resources [2], however there is a strong tendency to the expansion and use of renewable energy resources from wind projects such as the developed jepirachi wind farm by empresas públicas de medellín in la guajira and photovoltaic solar projects such as the photovoltaic solar farm that celsia is developing in yumbo (valle del cauca) and which will generate approximately 16 gwh per year, enough to provide electricity to around 8,000 homes [3. 4]. this amount of energy obtained from fossil resources implies an emission of around 6600 tons of co2 [3].


Design, build and evaluate the performance of a flat plate solar micro-collector with the integration of transparent insulation materials.

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, submitted q1 magazine, congress article or article si wos or scopus, submitted q2 magazine, solar microcolecor flat plate, flat design solar collector flat plate, phd thesis chapter, undergraduate thesis, conferences on renewable energies by professor at florida state university and researcher at ingeniería térmica ltda., presentation and practices with the device course seminar on renewable energies ii, udem energy engineering program. technological product: flat plate solar collector with integrated insulating transparent materials. the device to be designed and built part of the traditional concept of flat plate solar collector, however the integration of transparent insulating materials is a novel alternative to increase efficiency.
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/01/19

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