Development of new tio2 photoactive systems synthesized by means of sol gel technique combined with autogenous pressure reaction at low temperatures and incorporated in diverse substrates. apply in liquid and gaseous media under uv radiation conditions

Project Details


In this project we intend to prepare ti02 by means of a new method that combines the sol-gel technique with the autogenous pressure reaction at low temperatures and a method of supporting this catalyst on concrete is proposed.


To develop photoactive systems of tic2 synthesized by the sol-gel method combined with reaction to autogenous pressure at low temperatures and to evaluate their applications in liquid and gaseous media under artificial and solar uv radiation.

Expected results

New method for the synthesis of ti02 at low temperatures identification of the effect in the synthesis of ti02 of the si / ti, h20) ti, alcohol / ti ratios of the precursors in the new synthesis method.
Effective start/end date22/03/0530/03/08


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