The design of hospital experiences in patients in transitory stay

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The experience of a user in the hospital context is negative by default, since it derives from the health condition in which they find themselves. The mental state of the patient is highly vulnerable considering that he comes to this environment due to an affectation to his health that can be mild or critical but that causes negative or overwhelming sensations and emotions. Additionally, the patient faces multiple transit stays in different hospital spaces in which the hospital staff adapts given their condition and the capacities of the space of the institution in which they are located. Sometimes the hospital environment finds critical situations or multiple challenges in terms of the equipment it provides so that a patient can face their stay in the hospital in the best possible way. These challenges are associated with multiple variables that modify the experience of each individual based on aspects such as convenience, comfort, safety, communication and the use of hospital elements, among other variables that influence the mental and physical state of the patient in your stay positively or negatively. The variables that affect the stay can be so extensive that sometimes the existing elements are insufficient to provide the best conditions for the patient, the result is a person in a vulnerable health condition with additional negative mental loads, such as stress and anxiety due to the lack of configured systems that can improve the stay. This project seeks to analyze the current situations of patients in transit in the general hospital of Medellín and propose design and product development proposals to improve the well-being and experience of patients in transitory stay in the hospital context.


Improve the well-being and experience of patients in transitory stay in the hospital context through the development of products.

Expected results

The project seeks to design products under sustainable principles such as reduction of materials, reduction of consumption stages, design for repair and maintenance that prolongs the useful life of the product. Additionally, the proposal generated is based on a human approach and has a high impact on the well-being of a vulnerable population in terms of health.*1 type B article sent to a journal, 1 Industrial Design Registration formulated, 1 final research report
Effective start/end date1/02/2013/12/20


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