El lugar de los derechos humanos culturales en la justicia global: una justificación ética

  • Dávila, Johnny Antonio (PI)

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This research proposal aims to determine if cultural human rights can be considered a matter of global justice and what would be the ethical arguments for it, starting from the questioning idea that multiple existing problems around the violation of cultural human rights have a but that the dominant positions (cosmopolitanism and particularism) in the philosophical area of global justice have not given them enough, or almost no, importance. The research has an essentially theoretical accent, and for this, the methodological triad description-explanation-proposition will be used, which will be guided by both the analytical and synthetic methods. As a result of the research project, a scopus or isis-type scientific article and an academic-university course at the undergraduate level on the subject will be obtained.


Determine if the demands contained in cultural human rights can be included as demands of global justice and what are the ethical arguments that would serve as a basis for it.

Expected results

Isi wos or scopus article, accepted. participation in workshop seminar (presentation). Collaboration in material collection. the difference lies fundamentally in that it breaks with the dominant traditional conception of global justice that focuses on poverty. the additional advantage is that it encompasses other cultural visions that are not strictly Western. the possibility is wide, while the notion of global justice that is proposed is compatible with multiple cultural visions. Thus, the development of policies on the return of cultural heritage is perhaps the field that offers the greatest practical and academic possibility.
Effective start/end date5/07/1622/08/22


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