The use of Social Problems as Axes of Advertising Communication: Trend or Essence in human brands?

  • Berrio Meneses, Carlos Mario (PI)
  • Sanguino García, Vanesa Margareth (CoI)
  • Taborda Martínez, Diana Marcela (Research Assistant (Master's Student))

Project Details


Every day society demands social commitments from brands, and they are the ones who must respond to these demands from a conscious responsibility and a firm position in the face of the problems that are evident day by day: social, political, economic, environmental, among others. . But it is not just about strategically managing an advertising message that responds to these problems, but about being consistent with the essence of the organization. Brands must focus on finding solutions instead of selling passions or image; they must be tangible and act fast, not trying to impress or be conceptual. Brands that act in favor of society in general will reinforce their experience, leadership and trust (Edelman, 2020) The project is relevant insofar as it responds to the opportunity to theoretically deepen a topic that is currently preferred within brands but that lacks reflection and analysis.


GeneralIdentify the advertising communication strategies developed by human brands in Colombia and the level of coherence between the message transmitted and its corporate behavior, from the perspective of sustainability.Specifics- Define the elements and concepts of human brands.- Identify, among the most recognized brands in Colombia, which can be categorized as human brands.- Carry out a content analysis of the advertising communication issued by the most recognized brands in Colombia and which can be categorized as human brands.- Determine the relationship between the advertising messages issued and the corporate behavior of the most recognized human brands in Colombia.

Expected results

- 2 research articles (1 by UdeMedellín) - Presentation of a paper at a scientific or cultural event (by UdeMedellín) - CuestionAD research hotbed - Presentation of a paper at RedCOLSI
Short titleProblemas Sociales Comunicación Publicitaria
AcronymProblemas Sociales Comunicación Publicitaria
Effective start/end date3/06/2130/03/23


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