Elements of narrative serialization in netflix originals: temporal complexities, characters and plots (2013-2018)

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The emergence of netflix as a platform for the distribution of films, series, soap operas, documentaries, animations, comedies, among other audiovisual formats, has meant a rethinking not only in the ways in which audiences connect with audiovisual text, but also the using big data to read user preferences has had an important impact on their consumption and the creation of narratives (havens, 2014). with this project we propose to analyze netflix's original drama series, from 2013 to 2018. the objective is to establish if there is a distinctive narrative decision system of its original serial drama productions. we seek with this to determine the existence or recurrence of particular narrative elements from the plot map approach, the presentation of the characters and the temporal complexities. therefore, the industrial characteristics of the content generation and distribution business via online platforms will also be taken into account in this analysis, under the concept of what has been recently called the “complex television” (mittell, 2015) and which has been shown to have a high impact on the stylistic and narrative choices of serial content production. as for the participating entities and researchers, the project will be led by the university of medellín in co-financing with the university of navarra. from it we will have the co-researcher and full professor dr. alberto nahum garcía martínez.


As we have already announced, the general objective of this research is to analyze all the productions of the 21st century on the figure of pablo escobar to determine if at the time of telling the same story there are substantial aesthetic and narrative differences depending on the nationality of the productions and of what nature are those divergences

Expected results

Two (2) article isi wos or scopus, one (1) international paper
Effective start/end date15/01/1930/07/20


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