Elements for the elaboration of a strategy to satisfy the right to food for people subjected to mandatory confinement as a result of a pandemic

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With the purpose of raising a state of the question on strategies to satisfy the right to food in pandemic situations, a review of the scientific literature was carried out where studies will be reported that analyze the impact that pandemics produce on the satisfaction of the right to food. food and the mechanisms adopted by governments to address these impacts


Determine the elements that must be considered in the design and implementation of a strategy that ensures the right to food, in its dimensions of availability, access and safety, to a population in a situation of vulnerability subject to mandatory confinement, within the framework of a state of health, economic, social, ecological emergency or serious public calamity.

Expected results

1 international paper 1 book chapter
Short titleEstrategias de satisfacción
Effective start/end date1/07/191/11/20


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