Scaling and commissioning of greenbiosick bioinsecticide production processes (wettable powder)

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Greenbiosick is a product formulated as a wettable powder, made based on the mixture of entomopathogenic fungi beauveria sp., metarhizium sp., ideal for the control of pest insects in different commercial and social value crops. its mechanism of action is given by the entrance to the body of the insect and invade its hemocele through the formation of appressors and the production of subtilisin-like enzymes, metalloproteases; as well as enzymes with chitinolytic activity, antibiotics and bovericin-like metabolites. the spores of these fungi do not need to be ingested and can attack both sucking and chewing insects


Set up and scale up the production of greenbiosick entomopathogenic products.

Expected results

Industrial secret and prototype
Effective start/end date15/07/1914/01/21


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