Algorithmic scheme for the transmission of information that minimizes energy consumption and improves the use of the radio spectrum in internet devices of things

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2. executive summary the paradigm of the internet of things (iot) has permeated society;according to recent prospective studies, it is expected that in the next decade there will be billions of things connected, providing data to analyze and offering innovative products and services. however, the untimely growth of these interconnected devices or nodes generates, among many others, the following challenges: (a).optimize the use of the radio spectrum, to allow


General develop an algorithmic scheme for the transmission of information that minimizes the energy consumption of wireless sensor nodes, improves the use of the radio spectrum and can run in an environment with limited processing resources, in the domain of the internet of things. specific compare the different sensor network technologies for the internet of things. establish the minimum requirements for the proper functioning of sensor networks for internet of things. develop an algorithmic scheme that meets the minimum requirements established. validate the algorithmic scheme by testing in the laboratory with cognitive radio systems.
Effective start/end date15/07/1930/01/21

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