Study of seismic vulnerability and proposals to improve the seismic response of structural systems of thin and slender walls of reinforced concrete in colombia

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Reinforced concrete walls are one of the most used structural elements in lateral load resistance systems worldwide. the earthquakes recorded in chile (2010) and new zealand (2011), as well as some laboratory experiences have shown that the constructive practice of thin and slender reinforced concrete walls could be exceeding safety limits when trying to optimize as much as possible the system costs. therefore, research is required to clearly define these performance limits in the case of colombian practices, in order to safeguard the life and heritage of people living in areas of intermediate and high seismic hazard.


Propose recommendations for the process of analysis and design of reinforced concrete wall buildings commonly constructed in colombia in areas of intermediate and high seismic hazard through the numerical and experimental evaluation of their seismic vulnerability

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, revised, article isi wos or scopus, accepted, technical report with recommendations for the update of title c of the colombian regulation of resistive earthquake constructions, nsr-10, master's degree work, undergraduate degree work, organization of an international event in the city of bogotá. consolidation of the colombian seismic engineering research network, ceer, lecture and article in an international congress. the project provides a methodology to evaluate the seismic vulnerability of the system most used in colombia for the construction of buildings. the final result will allow to quantify the damage level of these structures before the occurrence of a seismic event. there are currently no fragility curves for this structural system, therefore,it is considered a contribution to the current state of knowledge. the proposals for the improvement of the current procedures used for the design of structures in colombia, allow the new structures to have a better seismic behavior and, therefore, a direct reduction of the risk will be made.
Short titleMovimiento respuesta sísmica
AcronymMovimiento respuesta sísmica
Effective start/end date20/09/171/10/21


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