Study of ocean-atmosphere interactions in the colombian caribbean sea phase ii: from numerical moderation and with applications to the offshore industry

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The present project allows complementing and advancing in the scientific activities developed only partially in the project carried out between the universities of medellín, national university and university of antioquia called study of the ocean interactions - atmosphere in the colombian caribbean sea: relations with patterns swell and effects in the coastal areas in which an important step was taken in the understanding of advanced models of currents, atmosphere and waves and the coupling of these models. however, given the enormous complexity of the interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean in which various processes are still a subject of scientific study, this project focused on the interaction processes in a simplified way. therefore, the development of projects that allow deeper investigation of these interactions, the numerical way of approaching it and at the same time focusing these efforts on the engineering applications of our country is of vital importance.


Advance in the study of the atmosphere - ocean interactions from the implementation of coupled models and evaluate their applicability to the offshore industry so that they consider oceanographic, climatic and dispersion aspects of pollutants.

Expected results

Statistical analyzes of the time series generated for medium conditions (short and long term analysis), for coupled and decoupled modeling conditions will be obtained. all from the scenarios raised
Effective start/end date14/03/1314/03/14


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