Estudio, selección y estructuración de sistemas tecnológicos alternativos para estabilización y tratamiento de la red vial secundaria departamental. desarrollo de pruebas piloto en subregiones de antioquia

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It is proposed to make the technical evaluation to 16 test tracks on secondary roads in the department of antioquia, built with commercial alternative systems for soil stabilization. to achieve this, the environmental and technical aspects involved in the construction of secondary roads in the department of antioquia will be analyzed. this requires a series of physical and mechanical laboratory tests for stabilized soils in the study regions; the sections of the study will be monitored, where the selected additives will be applied. the behavior of the road in natural conditions will be evaluated, in relation to the behavior of the drainage and erosion and the wear of the road will be evaluated by the action of the traffic on it. these tracks will be monitored bimonthly for a year, where changes in the level of the road surface will be measured, to determine in this way the degree of erosion and the deterioration that the road suffered in this period of time. the sustainability of these techniques and their economic valuation are also evaluated.


Structuring techno-economically and environmentally unconventional solutions for stabilization and hardening of ground soils, based on the development of detailed studies of mechanical behavior and resistance, in pilot road sections of the departmental secondary road network

Expected results

Carry out the monitoring and technical evaluation of 16 test tracks on secondary roads, built with alternative systems for soil stabilization
Effective start/end date18/09/1319/08/15


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