evaluation and systematization of the project "alliances with you" 2017-2019

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The “alliances with you” project is part of the city's public education policy that is described in the “medellín cuenta con vos 2016-2019” development plan. this project proposes the construction of alliances that involve universities, companies and private schools to accompany official educational institutions in improving the quality of the educational service they offer. it is based on a multicausal and multidimensional notion of educational quality, from which a differentiated intervention is developed in each educational institution based on their particular needs. this project will systematize and evaluate these alliances.


Report on the results of the “alliances with you” project in the participating official educational institutions and in the different allies

Expected results

Delivery of the book chapter. scientific article for scopus magazine. elective seminar master in education. proantioquia event presentation closing the project. citizen participation in ctel and creation. book edition
Short titleAlianzas con Vos-Proantioquia
AcronymAlianzas con Vos-Proantioquia
Effective start/end date6/08/1930/01/20


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