International expansion of antioquia smes: case study inducascos sa

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Small and medium enterprises (smes) are important for the colombian industry, not only for their contribution to gdp, but also for their contribution to employment, unfortunately the internationalization processes of these companies remain timid and inconsistent in the long term. this research project seeks to study the process of international expansion of a leading colombian sme and compare it with the main theories of internationalization developed to date. it is expected to obtain, as a result, the analysis of the challenges, opportunities and learning of these processes in colombian smes, contributing to the literature in the area and hoping that this will serve as a learning experience for other companies with similar intentions.


Study the process of internationalization of the colombian sme inducascos sa study the evolution of the process of international expansion of the company under study. contrast the evolution of the internationalization process of inducascos sa with the internationalization models of uppsala, "born globals", "networks". identify what international sales and marketing strategies inducascos sa uses in its penetration and / or consolidation process in international markets. analyze the learning, challenges and opportunities for the organization in its international expansion process

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, submitted. master's degree work. presentation in international event. this would be a case study developed by teachers from the university of medellín, which generates subject matter for colombian smes for the students of the program. the products of this research, will give rise to replicate them to other companies with similar characteristics
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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