Experiencia entre el comercio binacional colombia y brasil, caso de estudio

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This research aims to identify and validate variables (economic, commercial, logistic and social) in a national and international context for the economy of a country which will be documented and presented as a case method. the selection will correspond to a company, which is representative of a selected sector of the antioquia business, towards the brazilian market. the research also seeks to understand the dynamics of these variables, so that they are incorporated in a strategic way, in the business decisions that must be taken by those entrepreneurs of the selected sector, who consider it feasible to take their products to the brazilian market. the work will allow the approach and understanding of the selected variables in the light of the internationalization policies that brazil presents for the region (south america).


General objectives develop a case study that allows analyzing the characteristics of bi-national trade between colombia and brazil in a specific sector of the specific antioquia economy. carry out an analysis between the bi-national trade colombia and brazil, from a multipolar perspective, allowing to deepen the variables economic. ¿develop a case study, which describes the experience of commercial exchange from an economic, social, commercial, logistics perspective. ¿characterize the logistics profiles of brazil and colombia, depending on the

Expected results

It is intended to show a successful experience of a colombian company that internationalized to the brazilian market
Effective start/end date16/01/1416/02/15


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