Thick galactic disk formation

  • Vera Ciro, Carlos Andrés (PI)

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It is a well-known fact that most spiral galaxies have a thick disk, how this structure was formed is, however, still a much debated subject, whether its origin is a result of internal secular evolution, or the consequence of a violent process activated by an external agent can not yet be concluded. this project will study the external mechanisms that give rise to the formation of coarse galactic discs taking into account the cosmological context in which galaxies evolve. the main objective of the proposed study is then the characterization of the formation routes that lead to the existence of thick disks in cosmological simulations. some of these numerical experiments will be completed using the cluster of the department of basic sciences of the university of medellín,while the higher resolution simulations will be run and analyzed in a joint effort with the members of the collaboration (prof. laura v. sales, dr. rob grand).


A. understand the mechanisms that led to the formation of the thick disk in the milky way b. separate the internal dynamic effects of the external ones to generate coarse galactic discs c. study the effects of known interactions for the milky way in high resolution

Expected results

Article scopus accepted. software. undergraduate student work. software for the creation of stable conditions of galactic systems. versatility in the choice of the galactic model. the product is aimed at national and international researchers in the area of ??galaxy dynamics
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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