Generation of second harmonic, optical rectification and raman scattering between electronic states in coupled quantum wells

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The project is dedicated to the numerical-theoretical study of non-linear optical properties such as the generation of second harmonic and non-linear optical rectification and raman scattering of electrons, including raman gain, in nanostructures of gaas / algaas that form a system of coupled quantum wells. exact numerical calculations are used including self-consistency to obtain the energy structure of the coupled well system.non-linear second-order coefficients and raman scattering are calculated. the calculations use empirical coefficients obtained from experimental data.


To study, theoretically and numerically, the non-linear optical effects of the second order and the raman gain and dispersion associated with electronic transitions intersubbated in coupled quantum wells.

Expected results

We searched for reliable quantitative estimates of the non-linear effects and raman scattering intraband in nanostructures of coupled quantum wells of gaas / algaas. we rely on experimental data, in the exhaustive analysis and in the practical recommendations on the use of nanostructure in the design of the active and passive optical devices that work in the medium infrared optical range. this is a fundamental scientific project that can provide a point of reference for optical engineering.
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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