Integration tool with e-commerce platforms

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The project seeks to create a model that can be applied in the vast majority of companies that currently have to manually enter their systems information from the systems of its suppliers, customers, related companies, government and in general any other organization with the one that has relation. this process of manual entry of information can be eliminated through the implementation of e-commerce tools among companies, but although these tools and platforms are widely available, their implementation faces a major obstacle in the lack of support for e-commerce technologies on the part of of packaged management systems, used by the vast majority of companies in our country,that although they can be obtained at low cost practically none of them includes functionality that allows you to connect with e-commerce platforms.


Propose an application integration model for the exchange of information between different organizations and adapted to the conditions of the country

Expected results

Article in an international indexed magazine. article in national indexed magazine type b. work in international event, software registration with the techniques proposed in the project and its respective registration. it will be adapted to the conditions of the region, which will facilitate the exchange of standardized information.
Short titleComercio electrónico
AcronymComercio electrónico
Effective start/end date18/04/132/10/17


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