Identification of possible molecular targets for the treatment of infections caused by fungi: redesign of drugs in clinical use as a therapeutic strategy

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The present project proposal represents a first and important phase of a more ambitious project that aims to design more powerful and specific drugs for the treatment of infections caused by different species of fungi. several of these infections represent an emerging threat to human health. the limited number of antifungal drugs currently available, and the limitations they present, make it necessary to develop new drugs that are more effective and safer, preferably targeting new molecular targets in the fungus, associated with different mechanisms of pharmacological action. .these new drugs must specifically attack the fungus without producing significant adverse effects on the human host. the limited development of drugs for fungal infections contrasts with the impetuous development of drugs for other diseases, targeting a variety of molecular targets. the objective of this project is to identify possible molecular targets in fungi, focusing on proteins homologous to those human proteins that are currently targets of different therapies.


Identify vital proteins for the cellular viability of pathogenic fungi, as possible therapeutic targets to combat these infections

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted, lecture at the international congress of formation and modeling in basic sciences. possible application in the development of new medicines to fight infections caused by fungi
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/01/19


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