Incidence of historical memory reports in local integral repair processes

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The research work seeks to understand the contribution that historical memory works, made by the national center for historical memory (cnmh), have effectively made to the local processes of integral reparation in the communities of granada (eastern antioquia) and nueva venecia (ciénaga grande de san marta).these two territories coincide in having been strongly affected by the armed conflict and in having been subject to the work carried out by the cnmh. but in turn, they differ in the level of social organization that each one has and in their socio-cultural reality. the work then seeks to compare the knowledge and appropriation that the inhabitants of these localities have about the historical memory report made on their case by the cnmh, to establish, in each case, what the concrete contributions of integral reparation have been that they themselves they recognize as coming from that work of historical memory made in their community.


Evaluate the contribution of the works of historical memory to the local process of integral reparation of the communities of granada (eastern antioquia) and nueva venecia (ciénaga grande de san marta)

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted, master's students in conflict and peace participating in the investigation. there are numerous studies on the possibilities and contributions of historical memory exercises in integral reparation processes. however, in colombia a research work has not yet been carried out, based on field work, to evaluate the impact of these exercises directly on the populations where they have taken place.
Short titleInformes de Memoria Histórica
AcronymInformes de Memoria Histórica
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/01/19


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