Insubstantiality of some lematic propositions in the theories of the indivisible of cavalieri and mengoli

Project Details


"in this project the pretensions of rigor of some lemáticas proposals in the theories of the indivisibles of cavalieri and mengoli will be investigated, during the xvii century." the purpose is to verify that some slogans of these geometries obey more to the exercise of a volitional power legitimating that justifies the pretensions of truth for the time "


"check that some of the mottos of the geometries of cavalieri and mengoli obey more to the exercise of a volitive power legitimating these theories, than to a purpose of laying them on a substantial, rigorous basis that justifies their pretensions of truth."

Expected results

"the research will contribute to the mathematical and historical training of students of undergraduate or master's programs, to be mathematicians or teachers of said discipline, because the methodological orientation of the project and the expected results will allow them to have a different view the traditional, to reflect, analyze and understand how the concepts and mathematical theories are generated and institutionalized in humanity. "
Effective start/end date16/01/1813/12/19


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