La educación y la enseñanza en la formación de administradores: un estudio comparado entre las universidades miembros de la red de investigadores, grupos de investigación y posgrados en administración

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We seek to give continuity to the research, for which we have proposed a new research project that will be carried out from four lines of work. we present this new project with the interest of motivating all researchers, research groups and postgraduate students to participate . it is a co-funded research project. each participating university can be part of the research project with the professors and research groups they want. it is only required that each university express its willingness to participate and provide the necessary institutional support to its researchers.


Identify the epistemological foundations that are articulated in the teaching of the topics of structure and strategy, in the administration courses of the universities that are part of this line of research

Expected results

This work will be an exploratory-descriptive investigation. the characteristics are described, the population is determined and the relationship between variables is established (gil, 2009). regarding the procedures, it is a comparative case study, in which we seek to study different environments through defined analysis criteria. the case studies seek to gather detailed information, through different research techniques, seeking to apprehend a certain situation and describe the complexity of a fact (marconi; lakatos, 2008b, p. 274). such a choice is due to the fact that this type of research can help describe the complexity of a given problem, analyze the interpretation of certain variables, understand and classify dynamic processes experienced by social groups (richardson, 1999, p. 80). the research techniques will be documentary research and semi-structured interview.
Effective start/end date1/08/131/08/15


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