Inclusion in the university. analysis of the perception of the process of inclusion of students of the ser pilo paga and international scholarships programs peru 18.-ministries of colombia and peru -a cross-cultural view

  • Gallo Consuegra, Liliana (PI)

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Secondary education and that are in a situation of vulnerability to access quality higher education, the ministries of peru and colombia have been developing programs that provide students with better academic averages and living in adverse situations, the opportunity to access accredited universities in your locality or other regions. it is here that it transcends from education opportunities for all to the opportunity of quality education. although it is recognized that this is not enough if we want to investigate what are the perceptions that have been generated by an inclusion proposal like this that is not only established for people with disabilities, as normally happens when people talk about inclusion, but for those who have an outstanding academic performance, that they are talented,but that they had not had the opportunity to be socially included or to participate in these benefits because of difficulties, especially of an economic nature. based on the foregoing, this proposal has as a specific purpose, to analyze the perceptions of the different actors of the university educational environment with respect to the results that are being forged from the inclusion processes of university students of the ser pilo paga and international scholars programs. peru 18. this in order to show the results to develop institutional proposals and why not forge public policies that contribute to the reduction of inequality in the field of higher education and that end up having an impact on the training of professionals of the highest level.


Analyze the perceptions of the main actors of the educational community regarding the results of the inclusion of students in higher education, of the scholarships programs of the ministries of education of colombia and peru, taking into account the type of program with the purpose of proposing a strengthening guide to the institutional inclusion policies in udem

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted.bachelor students. radio show. participation in forum with topic of university inclusion. the difference lies in the fact that what is proposed is more directed towards educational communities in search of inclusive education, since normally people talk about inclusion in people with disabilities. you can determine appropriate policies for inclusion.
Short titleInclusión Udem
AcronymInclusión Udem
Effective start/end date1/12/1730/03/20


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