The participation of citizens in matters of protection to the environment through the analysis and production of transmedia contents. case water benefit certificates for the conservation of the santurbán páramo.

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The páramo de santurbán is an ecosystem of great water value and natural conservation for the country, of great symbolic importance as well, since it is the first area delimited by the ministry of the environment of colombia to be protected from extractive activities. due to these characteristics, there is an interest, on the part of actors involved in their conservation, to generate effective communication strategies that mobilize citizens in terms of awareness and diverse forms of participation and effective involvement with the theme. through the analysis and production of trasnmedial messages, it is intended that the biocuenca alliance (fondo de agua de norte de santander) be able to involve the public in the protection of this ecosystem. this participation is materialized through the implementation of various mediation strategies based on the generation of trust among those interested in participating, and the actors with the capacity to generate conservation actions. one of the strategies being developed is the implementation of an innovative environmental market scheme based on the generation of water benefit certificates, which will offer a highly reliable option to materialize the intention of participation of any citizen.


Identify effective participation and mobilization strategies around the conservation of the santurbán páramo through a transmedia narrative communication strategy, which allows to contribute to the discussion about the effectiveness of these formats to enable environmental education processes.

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Article isi wos or scopus, accepted, article in indexed magazine, innovation in process, generation of virtual content, space / event of citizen participation, innovation in process: being a strategy that we see has not yet been developed with the same characteristics ( transmedia narrative about environmental problems in colombia). in the research that has been conducted in the research, we have found that the innovative nature of our proposal lies in offering a colombian environmental initiative an option to generate participation and incidence from the possibilities offered by the transmedia narrative. as well as being able to validate it from research techniques.
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/03/19


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