Baseline of sustainability for the accreditation of programs of the university of medellín

Project Details


"the present research project arises as a proposal to contribute to the consolidation of the management of high academic quality of the university of medellin and its commitment to the comprehensive training of competent, autonomous, innovative students with critical thinking and ethical behavior. "


"define a baseline on sustainability for the accreditation of undergraduate and graduate programs through a mixed investigation in order to empower program managers in self-regulation in the face of quality management processes."

Expected results

"in answering the research question, we seek to generate a baseline of the incorporation of sustainability in undergraduate and graduate programs." the results 3 of the research will allow program managers to be clear about the degree of incorporation of sustainability in their programs, which will facilitate decision-making in educational management that demands high academic and administrative quality. "
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/08/18


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