The social costs of violence in latin america: mexico and colombia cases

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This project aims to respond to the existing information vacuum around the social costs of violence derived from common crime and drug trafficking, for which a comparative analysis of the situation in colombia and mexico will be carried out, under three basic variables: migration, weaving social and security perception. the selected research methodology will be mixed-cut with qualitative and quantitative moments. in addition, the documentary review will be used as a privileged technique, without ruling out a moment of verification with focus groups and other instruments for collecting primary information. as a result of this analysis, there will be a cartography of the phenomenon for both countries, two scientific articles for the generation of new knowledge,and the testing of a method for identifying such costs


Analyze comparatively the costs in terms of rupture of social fabric because of the violence linked to drug trafficking in mexican and colombian societies.

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted. cartography of representation of the processes analyzed. master's degree work within the framework of the research project. technological products represented in a cartography that present the description of the phenomenon will be generated. the social cost of violence is a little studied topic and its approach has been purely qualitative, which has not allowed to map the phenomenon. the product fits the needs of information for decision makers
Effective start/end date16/01/1731/01/18


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