Numerical methods for optimization of hybrid dynamic systems

  • Azhmyakov, Vadim (PI)

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The present project is proposed to give continuity to the research processes with previous results on the part of the researchers, for this it is necessary to continue with the implementation of numerical methods that allow to optimize the analysis of the stability and the optimal design of hybrid systems. during the development of the proposed project, the authors will investigate different types of opcs (optimal problems control) that are governed by dynamic and hybrid systems. in fact, in the general configuration of hybrid systems, one has to deal not only with the (continuous) infinite optimization problems related to continuous dynamics, but also with a large dimensional combinatorial problem caused by the discrete system part. in this context, and with special attention to private lessons,some optimization schemes have been proposed to address the problem. the (new) known elaborated approaches are based on the general conditions of optimality, others are more related to semi-classical approaches.


Develop a viable optimal control methodology based on optimality principles for switching and hybrid control problems.

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted. software with potential to be registered. conference articles theoretical and computational differences. the results of this project have a potential application in control and automation of renewable energy systems
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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