Improved security in internet of things infrastructure (internet of the things - iot) through the use of defined networks in software (software defined networks - sdn)

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This project aims to explore the feasibility of applying the concept of defined networks in software (sdn - software defined networks by its acronym in english) [1] to the solution of various security problems that have been identified in the solutions developed under the paradigm of the internet of things (iot, internet of things by its acronym in english). these security problems have a potential impact on these solutions, given the presence of the iot in multiple contexts of the


To explore the applicability of the communications paradigm of software-defined networks in the development of solutions that improve the security of internet context solutions of the classes (lot) and implement an sdn solution to mitigate at least one indormatic attack in a lot environment checked
Effective start/end date15/01/1930/07/20


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