Methodology of technical and economic validation for the implementation of information and communication technologies (ict) in logistics processes

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"logistics management plays a vital role in supply chains, as it is responsible for the efficient and effective flow of goods, services, information and money within and between organizations, to satisfy a final consumer. logistics must support its business processes with information and communication technologies (ict) that efficiently record, store, process and deliver the information associated with the operations of supply, storage, production, provision of services, transportation, distribution, guarantees, final disposal of products and other operations covered by logistics management. "


"develop a methodology to validate from the technical and economic point of view the implementation of ict in logistics processes, in such a way that the decision-making process is supported to implement the ict that best fits the logistic needs of the organizations. "

Expected results

"in this way, highlighting the great contribution that ict offer in the logistics management of productive organizations and supply chains, the research project analyzes proposes a methodology that validates from the technical and economic point of view the implementation of ict in processes logistics, in order to obtain efficiency and effectiveness in these processes, which translates into productivity and competitiveness of organizations.similarly, solving the question posed in the research problem derives the knowledge on how to validate if an ict in reality will offer an appropriate solution to the logistics processes of a productive organization. "
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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