Methodology to promote communicative interaction in a virtual learning environment - eva

  • Arango Vásquez, Sandra Isabel (PI)
  • Becerra Agudelo, Ricardo Andres (CoI)
  • Restrepo Restrepo, Edilberto (CoI)
  • Gómez Marín, Alexandra (CoI)
  • Martínez Morales, Santiago (CoI)
  • Ospina Ramirez, Jennifer (CoI)
  • Mesa Rave, Nathalia (Research Assistant (Master's Student))

Project Details


The implementation of virtual programs at the university of medellín is governed by three components: the virtual learning environment (eva), the virtual learning object (ova) and the communicative interactions (ic).the sense and relevance of each of them is based not only on theoretical references on pedagogy and virtual education, but on the guidelines that the ministry of national education of colombia establishes to guarantee quality virtual programs.therefore, the institution accepts these requirements in order to maintain its high educational standards. for this reason, the development or implementation of various courses or virtual educational modules is not enough, but it is necessary to constantly monitor these teaching processes in order to provide the community with comprehensible content that will allow them to students achieve comprehensive knowledge.


To develop a methodology that encourages the communicative interaction in the virtual learning environments - eva of the university of medellín

Expected results

Methodology to promote the communicative interaction in the eva of the u of m. training for professors of the university of medellín. teacher training communicative interactions. it is a project that will improve the initiators for institutional accreditation
Effective start/end date16/04/1818/03/22


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