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"in this project, we intend to build a hydrogeological numerical model for the la miel watershed (caldas), in which the la miel hydroelectric plant operated by isagen is located since 2002. this site has been selected as a case study, as they are available data related to the water levels in the reservoir and to the flows in the basin and the hydroelectric interest of that basin and the surrounding areas, due to its high rainfall, that work at basin scale will be carried out with the hydrogeosphere program "


"to construct a numerical model that allows to simulate the flow of underground water in saturated conditions for the basin of the la miel river (caldas)."

Expected results

"numerical modeling will be used as a tool to generate a groundwater flow model for the la miel basin (caldas), whose results will serve to improve the integrated management of water resources in said basin. of the surface sub-surface connection in hydrological tank models, strengthening the link between hydrology and hydrogeology, which are often treated as independent disciplines "
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/01/19


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