Management model for research at the university of medellín: analysis of formative and advanced research in the 7 faculties

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The presence of research in the university has gone through a historical process that is initially related to the challenges and desires of the different universities. in this framework, the processes of certification and accreditation of high quality have led higher education institutions to incorporate within their goals the production of knowledge as a central element, both in the management of the training process and in administrative management. however, the production of knowledge through accredited quality university systems has passed in an insular and disjointed manner. it has not been possible to establish a dialogue between these systems and concatenate efforts aimed at the development of national research competitiveness.


Analyze the process of formative and advanced research of the different faculties of the university and its relationship with postgraduate programs, to propose a management and innovation model for research at the university.

Expected results

3 articles, prototype of research model, training of undergraduate and masters students. 3 presentations in national or international events
Effective start/end date1/08/1730/07/18


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