High-performance machine and simulation learning models to detect and predict atypical behaviors in morbidity causes in the department of antioquia based on the information registered in "the individual loan registries

Project Details


"this project seeks to incorporate elements of machine learning and high performance simulation to extract pandemic behavior from the rips information system of the department of antioquia"


"to implement a characterization of the morbidity, mortality and in general different pathological states in the department of antioquia according to the reports of the rips system, and based on this, perform a simulation to predict their future behavior and supported these results propose a model of competitive intelligence that allows a prediction of the business environment, the competitors and the organization itself. "

Expected results

"through the implementation of machine learning models, simulation and dynamic systems, we intend to strengthen decision-making in the health sector of the department of antioquia, through the characterization of morbidity and mortality according to the records reported by the rips"
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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