Narratives of violence, migratory phenomena and tourism

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Two decades ago, the city of medellín had high rates of violence, problems arising from drug trafficking and a high level of insecurity. nowadays, it seems that these difficult moments arise again in some parts of the city and that today they are tourist references (commune 13, commune 10, commune 8), however this is not an impediment for the activity of tourism in popular neighborhoods from medellín continue (slum tourism). undoubtedly, the city of medellín is a resilient city, it has been able to overcome that turbulent past that until the first decade of the 2000s seemed to be skewered with the antioqueños. faced with this aspect, in medellín there are places with a violent past and that today are visited by local, national and foreign tourists.


Develop a state of the art that accounts for the narratives of violence, migratory phenomena and tourism.

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